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Filter Twitter Searches by Verified Users how to increase twitters followers If you don’t use Advanced Twitter Search, you’re missing out. get more twitter followers But even there you won’t find this cool trick Mark Luckie, Twitter’s manager of journalism and news, showed me last week.You can enter any search term on Twitter and add “filter:verified” and your results will only show verified users and tweets from verified users.When might this be useful? During big events like the Boston Marathon Bombing when a search like BostonBombing was producing an unmanageable stream of tweets. While you’ll certainly miss a lot of the conversation, because only so many users are verified, you’ll also get results that are much easier to digest.Twitter has made every public tweet made since the service started in 2006 available through its search engine, making everyone’s first, second and third embarrassing tweets viewable by anyone.The search index includes 100s of billions of tweets growing by several billion more each week. Tweets covering a variety of historical events, including the Arab spring, the Scottish referendum and the London 2012 Olympics are all discoverable.But included in that huge archive of the world’s important news, thoughts and opinions, it’s now possible to find the inane, the embarrassing and the tweets we hoped had gone forever. Even the drunk ones.Just as with that old MySpace or Bebo page, perhaps now is the time to give your Twitter timeline a bit of a scrub before someone digs up something you’d rather remained buried. Deleting the entire Twitter account is the most thorough way, but will mean all the accounts’ followers will be lost, even if another account with the same username is set up.

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Search for public Twitter users by topic of interest, full name

Find users by interest, full name, company name, location, or other criteria. Just enter a search query and you'll get a list of relevant tweeps. how do you buy followers on twitter Tweepi helps you analyze and filter tweeps out - the geeky way, with numbers in a table - based on their activity and sociability. We spent so much time perfecting Tweepi that now you can also sort and search (filter) the results anyway you like on per page basis. Premium Tweepi users can do that for all users they follow or following them, not just for the current page, along with many other time saving features.There are several options for scrubbing tweets from the internet. The first is the potential overkill of closing your Twitter account entirely. After deactivating a Twitter account, the data remains in Twitter’s archives for 30 days before being permanently deleted.Logging into the account at any time in the 30-day window will reactivate the account. Before deleting the account, changing the username and email account associated with it can free up the handle to sign up with a fresh account.If deleting an entire account is a bit extreme, manually deleting tweets is possible, if laborious. Finding your first tweets is now straightforward thanks to the new search engine, but Twitter’s #FirstTweet service is even easier. Repeatedly using it and deleting the associated tweet is a good way to quickly remove your earliest posts. If deleting specific tweets isn’t enough, but removing the account isn’t an option, then various free third-party services will automatically delete tweets for you.A couple of mobile apps are also available for hiding misguided tweets from an iPhone, with apps such as Tweeticide, and Android with Dlttr.

Discover New Twitter Users

Use the Discover Twitter Users tool to find users or potential customers to target and engage with. Search for users based on specific characteristics and filter by name, bio, location, etc. getting twitter followers If the search returns a large number of users click the tab on the left to open the search/filter sidebar. You can then use more specific search criteria and/or apply any filters to further refine the users of interest. You will see the users who match these criteria on the community wall and you can then use the buttons on the community bottom bar to perform any actions with this user set. e.g., control the order you view them using the order by button, the All criteria button opens a drop-up menu which performs one of the actions to the whole set of the users, the selected button opens a drop-up menu and allows you to perform an action for only those users you have selected.n order to create an audience within a reasonable timeframe SocialBro uses certain profile data which is refreshed a maximum of every 15 days. This is because the database of all Twitter is too large to be able to reflect all data changes in real time. For this reason you may notice small differences and inconsistencies in the size of communities, time since last Tweet, etc, between the audience created in audience manager, an all Twitter search and other data reflected in SocialBro. My first tweet may have been a bit optimistic, but at least Black Mesa was fantastic when it was released in 2012 and it was worth installing Windows on a Mac to play.Twitter allows users to download an archive of their tweets, which creates an easy-to-browse local file that opens in a web browser and is organised month by month, including a search engine.